The board of Robert Peel International Ltd has a combined total of over 150 years’ experience of policing, medical, security, military and justice arenas. Operating at Strategic and Operational levels with experience of working closely with Government Departments up to and including ministerial level and a diverse background in the military, police, medical and financial, the team excels at turning strategic aims into operational delivery.

Robert Peel can draw on lessons learned from running multi-national teams in conflict afflicted states, designing, writing and delivering training programmes as well as supporting the delivery of equipment and resources. The delivery of trained medical teams and quality, accredited medical training, allows Robert Peel Intl to provide a holistic product whether in the UK domestic arena, or supporting programmes in challenging and hostile environments.

Experience and qualifications include high level engagements in NATO, provincial UK Police Forces dealing with diverse areas from recruit and specialist training to countering organised crime groups and counter terrorism. Underpinned by a financial director with a doctorate in Risk Management, and previous appointments in multi-national companies, the team bring together a unique combination of skills and experience to help make your plans a reality.